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What Gives Your Life Meaning?

In a recent study, respondents were asked to state how much certain areas provided meaning in their life. It’s an interesting question to face and one that isn’t always easy to answer. After all, what gives your life meaning?

It’s possibly not a surprise that a lot of respondents rated family as of high importance. What is interesting is just how important family ranked. At 69% family eclipsed all of the other domains in terms of providing meaning in life. Check it out in the infographic we made below:

what gives your life meaning
What gives your life meaning? Research shows it’s all about family.

Of course, we’ve always thought family was pretty important. It’s why we create life story videos to start with, but it’s always nice to have some figures to back it up. 

If you want to make sure your family history is saved forever, contact us for a free consultation. And let us know your secret to a meaningful life in the comments.

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Clinton Moore

Clinton is the Director of Long Yarn Films and loves to spend his time jumping between his two lives as a life story videographer and clincial psychologist. Some might call it a split personality, he calls it the perfect recipe for creating life story videos!

Clinton MooreWhat Gives Your Life Meaning?

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