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Introducing the Essentials Package

Thanks to everyone that took part in our recent Long Yarn Films survey. As a result of your feedback we’re happy to announce the newest addition to our package lineup; the Essentials Package.

The aim of the Essentials Long Yarn Films package is to provide an affordable and easily accessible alternative to our more comprehensive packages. The Essentials package allows you to keep the core life story and family history interview service on which we pride ourselves, whilst doing away with all the extra luxuries such as pre-production meetings, and multiple delivery formats.

This allows us to bring the full video biography experience to you at the price of just $995!

Included in every Essentials package is:

  • A Long Yarn Films welcome kit to get you ready for filming day
  • A 2-hour filming session including setup and 45-minute one-on-one interview
  • A professionally edited Long Yarn film including 50 family photos – delivered on USB

If you’re interested in taking advantage of archiving your family history with the Essentials Package then contact us on either 0403 521 722 or using the contact form below for a free consultation.

Head over to our Packages page for more information on all of our packages.

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Clinton Moore

Clinton is the Director of Long Yarn Films and loves to spend his time jumping between his two lives as a life story videographer and clincial psychologist. Some might call it a split personality, he calls it the perfect recipe for creating life story videos!

Clinton MooreIntroducing the Essentials Package