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Get to know a bit more about what is involved in a Long Yarn Films family history interview.

For The Interviewee And Family

Answers to all those little questions that you and your family may have about the process.

A Long Yarn film is a professional one-on-one interview in which we record your family and personal history on video. The interview is then edited to create a finished product with high definition colour grading and audio that you and family will have for generations to come.

I graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology over 10 years ago. Since that time, I have put my skills to use interviewing and treating people in a variety of fields including palliative care, geriatric rehabilitation and private practice. On the multimedia side of things I have developed content for Australian educational institutions and personal projects including everything from basic vox pops to 6-hour timelapses!

I’ll always show up on the day with professional grade film equipment (that means no little camcorders) that provides high definition 1080p recording and captures you in your best light. In fact to make sure this is the case, I’ll bring along my studio lights to make sure even the darkest of rooms can be lit beautifully. And to make sure that you sound as fantastic as you’ll look, I only use professional grade hypercardioid microphones which are best suited for tight indoor spaces.

If there is another piece of equipment you have in mind, or some special idea that you have for the shoot, we can always discuss ways to make it happen.

And of course, if the idea of having a lot of camera equipment in the room seems overwhelming then we can always scale things back a little. But generally, I find it’s worth having a go first with everything set up and taking a little bit of time to adjust.

Before we even think about filming, Long Yarn Films will send you a Welcome Pack that will contain a suite of handouts to help prepare you for the filming day. One of the most valuable items in the Welcome Pack is the Memory Book. This will allow you to start to generate some ideas about areas of your history you want to discuss.

From here, your interview’s level of structure will depend on whether you signed up for a classic or compact Long Yarn. Either way we’ll definitely make time to discuss everything before the filming day so that you feel comfortable and well prepared!

I come to you. It’s important that the interview take place in a location where you are comfortable and in a place that is reflective of your history and personality. After all, it’s your story we’re trying to capture here, so it doesn’t do us much good to film in a boring studio!

Regardless of whether you sign up for a classic or compact Long Yarn interview, each package will come with:

Every client will receive:

  • 1 x Blu-Ray copy of the final film in 1080p
  • 1 x DVD copy of the final film in 1080p
  • 1 x Digital copy of the final film on USB
  • 1 x Digital copy of the film to be downloaded
  • 1 x Digital copy of the film hosted privately on Vimeo by Long Yarn Films for you view and share.
  • All delivered in a wooden Long Yarn Films presentation box

The Essentials package simplifies things and is only delivered on USB

The final film will be delivered within 6 weeks of the filming date. But before that you will be sent a rough cut to give feedback on so that there are no issues when the final film arrives.

Yes! Privacy is important to us just like we’re sure it is to you. Any film created by Long Yarn Films will not be distributed to anyone other than yourself without your express permission. In order to help us market our business we may ask your permission to post a brief excerpt of your Long Yarn online, but will only ever do so with your permission.

As a part of all our packages, we will host a copy of your video online through Vimeo. However, this will be a private webpage for you to share with family and friends, so unless you tell someone they’ll never know it exists.

If you have any other questions about privacy feel free to get in contact with us an have a chat.

Long Yarn Films retains the copyright to any footage shot on the filming day or distributed in the final product.

Long Yarn Films will hold an full quality archived copy of the final film for 5 years on a secure redundancy backup system. Whilst working on them final film, the footage will be backed up across multiple hard drives, including an off-site hard drive to protect against catastrophic failure.

We take these steps to protect your footage during production and so that should you lose your copy of the final film, or wish to obtain additional copies we’ve got you covered.

Absolutely nothing other than open the front door for me. My job is to set everything up and then pack it all away so that you’d never know I’d been there. All you need to do is relax, maybe look over the answers in your Memory Book, and then get ready to have a chat with me.

If you feel that this would make you more comfortable then this is fine. Of course, we’ll always try to discuss this prior to the filming day so that we can be prepared for everything as another person can someone cause issues with background noise.

Prior to the filming day we’ll have a chat about what you want to cover in the interview. You’ll then have your Memory Book to guide your answers so that you’re not caught off guard. Of course, if you’ve signed up for a Classic Long Yarn package then we’ll have the time to explore some other areas that might pop up as we go through the interview.

We all get sick from time to time. If you have any type of medical emergency on the booked filming day then Long Yarn Films allows you to move your booking to another date so that you’re looking your best and brightest when the camera starts rolling.

Whatever you like! But a few hints; try not to wear anything that is the same colour as the background where we’ll be filming, otherwise you’ll blend into the background. Also, thin stripes can sometimes be a camera’s worst enemy, so best avoided if possible. But the most important thing is that you dress like you normally would.

I hope that this will never be the case as here at Long Yarn Films we pride ourselves on being able to bring every story to life. In order to prevent this from occurring, we will send a rough edit of the film to you for approval before the final film is created. This way we can ensure that everyone is happy with the finished product.

You bet I will! With my life! In fact, I won’t even think about taking your photos away from you. I bring my own personal scanner with me and will scan any photo that we want to use in the final film right in front of you. I also know the care that needs to be taken with any archival photo and so will always handle them with anti-static tools and a professional brush. Of course, if you or your family would prefer to scan them yourselves and send them through to me then that’s perfectly fine as well.

This will depend on factors such as the general physical and psychological well-being of the client and your own personal desires. If the client has any issues with memory of physical mobility it may be important that we speak beforehand to ensure a smooth filming day.

Unfortunately this will happen from time to time. To help prepare and reduce the likelihood of this happening, each client will be provided with a Memory Book to assist them.

Rest assured however, that a draft edit of the film will be sent for review before the final product, which will provide you with the opportunity to remove any sections that you feel are not appropriate.

This won’t necessarily affect anything, but it’s definitely important that I be informed of any medical issues before filming so that I’m in the best possible position to care for the client.

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