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The story of Long Yarn Films begins with my grandmother. For her 90th birthday I created a photobook of her life and was fascinated by the images of both her and my ancestors. Unfortunately many of the images were not labelled and I quickly realised that my grandmother was the sole guardian of this wealth of family history. From this experience I was inspired to sit down with her and film what could unofficially be called the first Long Yarn! It was a fascinating and at times emotional experience to sit with my grandmother and learn about her history. After sharing this film with my family and seeing their own responses I decided this was a service I wanted to offer others. Today we provide packages tailor-made to assist you in filming your own family history.

One of the things that makes Long Yarn Films a unique service is that I wear two hats, professionally speaking. For over 10 years I’ve worked as a Clinical Psychologist, interviewing and providing care across a range of settings including two years specialising in geriatrics and palliative care. I’ve often combined this role with my love for cinematography and photography, directing several large audio-visual projects and producing a series of campaigns for a major Sydney university. This combination of professional interviewing and cinematography skills allows Long Yarn Films to provide the best possible experience when helping you to record your life story.

If we sound like the type of people you would like to help bring your family history to life, feel free to call me on 0403 521 722 or email using the form below.

Looking forward to a yarn with you,
Clinton Moore

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